G.K. Chesterton

Both G.K. Chesterton and Fr. Dudley wrote during the same period of time, about the same issues, and with the same basic point of view. Chesterton wrote a substantive introduction to Fr. Dudley’s first book, Will Men be like Gods?  Fr. Dudley, in turn, wrote a foreward to A Chesterton Catholic Anthology (1928, edited by … More G.K. Chesterton

The Catholic Missionary Society (1903-2003)

After serving in World War I (in France and Italy–and being wounded), Fr. Dudley joined the Catholic Missionary Society in 1919, and became its Superior from 1933 until 1947. This storied society was founded by Cardinal Herbert Vaughn to convert England and Wales back to Catholicism.  Some remarkable priests served with it: Fr. Thomas Byles, one … More The Catholic Missionary Society (1903-2003)

Fr. Dudley’s Humor

View Post Fr. Dudley’s humor in his novels is lively, but can’t be adequately illustrated because it is situational and built upon character development. Still, this is an example from Pageant of Life (1932).  Cyril Rodney had been raised Protestant, but his father was not very religious even though his mother was devout and anti-Catholic.  … More Fr. Dudley’s Humor

Catholic Missionary Society Archive Contents

These are the contents of the Catholic Missionary Society archives maintained by the Westminster Diocese. CMS.1 Catholic Gazette      1910-1914 CMS.2 Catholic Gazette      1915-1918 CMS.3 Catholic Gazette      1919-1921 CMS.4 Catholic Gazette      1922-1924 CMS.5 Catholic Gazette      1925-1927 CMS.6 Catholic Gazette      1928-1929 CMS.7 Catholic Gazette      1930-1931 CMS.8 Catholic Gazette      1932-1935 CMS.9 Catholic Gazette      1934-1935 CMS.10 Catholic Gazette      1936-1937 … More Catholic Missionary Society Archive Contents


This provides the historical background and a summary of completed research.  There are ongoing additions.  NOTES: Entries in black concern historical background–both religious and secular.  The focus is on events affecting British Catholics in particular,   but in addition, Fr. Dudley had a very close connection to the United States–it is even possible that he … More Timeline